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Building protection into a financial plan is the essence of responsible financial planning.

At Goddyn & Associates Financial, our role in the community of Kamloops and surrounding areas is to help individuals, their families, and those they refer to, develop viable financial plans. A competent financial strategy has to be sustainable into the future and offer protection from unforeseen circumstances. This is the essence of future planning and the step beyond simply having a good financial plan. A responsible financial plan must be capable of accommodating unforeseen changes in our lives.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Individuals with a plan accumulate almost two and a half times more assets than those who refrain from planning. In Canada only about a third of the population has some form of financial plan to guide them into their financial future and to facilitate them reaching their financial and retirement goals. Even a smaller percentage of these individuals complete these plans with appropriate insurance.

At Goddyn & Associates Financial, we are dedicated to the principles of future planning. As a matter of responsibility, we ensure that a competent format is generated to achieve your financial goals and back that plan with the correct insurance for all of life’s contingencies.


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