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As a professional adviser in financial and insurance solutions at Goddyn & Associates Financial in Kamloops, I believe there is a deep-rooted responsibility to provide the very best remedies possible to all the individuals, families and businesses who trust in me and the services I offer. To address these needs faithfully and competently, an adviser requires both a broad choice of applicable alternatives and a healthy relationship with providers in the financial and insurance industries. Helping to make and encourage appropriate financial choices has been the foundation of the success of my independent practice for over 20 years. My experience has shown that listening to and identifying client needs is absolutely essential to meeting each client’s requirements and expectations.

After having spent many years as an adviser in the banking sector, the practice of real accountability disclosed to me that representing the best interests of my clients required having access to a much broader mix of alternatives than was available within the constraints of a limited solution environment. I believe all clients are unique and the complexities of their life circumstances can vary significantly. As an adviser, this uniqueness obliges me to have a broad knowledge of all sectors of insurance and investments. This expanded capability permits me to provide my clients with both exemplary service and the right solutions to their financial and insurance needs. To offer anything less than this to my clients is simply not acceptable.


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