Encouraging You to Make Sound Financial Decisions

At Goddyn & Associates, our belief is that people always make better decisions when they are well informed and comprehend the potential impact of their choices. We fully endorse the concept of “empowerment”, which is the consistent nurturing of personal decision-making confidence through increased knowledge and understanding. In the realm of personal finances, this empowerment allows individuals to consistently make the very best choices for their financial wellbeing and long-term security.

Your Trusted Financial Partner

As professional financial advisors and insurance consultants, we have two major commitments. First, we must help empower our clients by sharing knowledge that complements their ability to make sound financial decisions, and secondly, we must encourage a comprehensive financial and insurance format that is capable of competently meeting our client’s on going needs and future expectations. Increasing your knowledge and understanding—empowering you as a client—makes us better partners in our financial journey.


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