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At Goddyn & Associates our vision is to challenge the status quo within the Financial Industry, and inspire our Clients and Team to “Experience. Growth. Together.” We believe that any financial decision specific to one’s insurance, mortgage, or investment portfolio should be made in conjunction with the other. This belief, and unique and proprietary process, is what we call “Empowered Financial Planning” This process allows our clients to consistently make the very best choices for their financial wellbeing and long-term security.


At this stage of life, it can be easy to justify avoiding insurance and investing for the future. After all, you are young; retirement is for old people. However, insurance is cheaper the younger you are, and the earlier you start investing, the more compounding returns can work in your favor. Our team can help you identify your goals and put you on the road to financial success!


Investing in your future together. So many questions and critical decisions to be made at this stage, like: Do we rent or own? With house prices and rents both heading skyward, the answer to this question is harder to answer than ever before, no matter your situation. Talking to our professionals at this stage can set you both up to be a financial savvy “power couple” And who doesn’t want that?


Right now, you are at one of the most difficult stages of your life. Your peak earning years are usually a decade or more away, and kids aren’t cheap – neither is that house and white picket fence. Navigating your family life requires careful budgeting and risk management. You have to save, pay the mortgage, buy insurance, invest for retirement. How can you make sure you are on the right track financially when you already have your hands full? We got you covered. Our team will take care of all your family’s financial needs, under one roof.


At this stage in life, you may feel crunched between the responsibility of taking care of your children and your aging parents. While paying the mortgage might not keep you up at night, planning for the next few years might cause some tossing and turning. As your financial position becomes more advanced, more possibilities open up – some you may have never even considered. Whether it is refinancing your mortgage, consolidating consumer debt, adjusting your retirement plan, or tax planning, our team can be there for you to make sure you are maximizing your potential.


Ensuring the legacy you built will last.

Proper asset allocation is critical for a successful long-term financial strategy and it is especially important for retirees.  During retirement, income needs can become pressing. Can you generate sufficient income without drawing down on your principal? What is the best way to generate income without taking excessive risks? Our team can help you figure out what level of risk is suitable for you. Even the best captains have an entire crew to help them run the ship.


New Beginnings. What happens to your assets in the event of a divorce?  As with houses, retirement savings and pensions—are to be divided equally. Get full advice about every aspect of your financial situation and confidently make the next step to your new life at little easier. 

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Locally owned and operated in Kamloops, Goddyn & Associates Financial Services is your trusted source for insurance coverage and investment planning, handling all aspects of your finances from life and mortgage insurance to RRSPs and benefits. Backed by years of experience, financial advisors Carol Goddyn and Stacey Vair can set you on the right path to financial stability and freedom.

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